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Art Music Drama Studio

At Lakshay International School, we recognize the importance that creative arts have in the life of all pupils. We combine the subjects of Art, Music, Dance, Movement and Drama to form a comprehensive and exciting approach to developing all pupils’ creativity that builds on their strengths and interests. Our purpose built facilities and resources in the central school include a large, multi-purpose Art Studio and a newly developed Movement and Dance Studio with mirrored walls. In the Primary and Middle School, the classroom teachers deliver Creative Arts whereas in the Upper School, subject specialists in Art, Drama, and Music teach students. Creative Arts takes on a very multi-sensory approach, particularly for pupils with either sensory impairments.


Smart Class

Quality education is an essential requisite in today's competitive environment. Technology has affected us in every aspect. Smart classes as a modernized method of education in Indian education scenario which provides quality education to students by helping them in better concept formation, concept elaboration, improvement in reading skills and academic achievement
.Technology benefited us in every aspect of our life right from communication to education. In ancient days students were taught in a gurukul where they were taught by the gurus. But this system was replaced by modernized culture. New methods of teaching have been introduced which is known as smart class. It uses instructional material, 3D animated modules and videos, and all the renowned schools are using this concept. Now the students are thrilled at this concept of innovation and interactive learning process. The concept of digitized classroom has not only made education interesting but a chance to students to enhance their performance.
A smart classroom is a classroom that has an instructor equipped with computer and audio-visual equipment, allowing the instructor to teach using a wide variety of media. These include smart interactive white board, DVD's, PPT's and more, all displayed through a data projector. Smart class is a digital initiative, which is rapidly transforming the way teachers teach and students learn. With the help of school curriculum, smart classes bring in technology right next to the blackboard for teachers in the classroom. This makes learning an enjoyable experience for the students while improving their overall academic performance in school.


Experimental Learning

Traditional teaching styles are becoming less and less effective at reaching today’s students.
Student boredom is a deterrent to learning, and higher education has been criticized for not sufficiently challenging students.
Research confirms that students learn most effectively from active engagement with information and ideas.
Students learn better when they take the initiative to apply concepts to practice, to solve real problems, to make decisions, and to reflect on the consequences.
Conventional pedagogy views experiential learning as taking place primarily outside the classroom. However, experiential learning works very well inside the classroom. It enables faculty members to pose problems, observe how students go about solving them, facilitate learning, observe learning as it occurs, and help students make meaning of their experiences. In this way, faculty members can address errors and misunderstandings during the learning process, rather than after they have occurred in homework assignments.
Experiential learning inside the classroom works very well in large classes and for students who have work and family responsibilities in addition to their classes. Simply put, experiential learning is the intentional combination of experience and learning so that each enhances the other. It is an excellent pedagogy for developing skills as well as knowledge, encouraging deep understanding of learning complex concepts, applying theory to practice, and preparing students to be critically reflective professionals.

Transport Facility

We provide Safe and Comfortable buses that are spacious and air-conditioned. There is a lady attendant in each and every bus. These school buses ply on most routes of the city. Students get more space to sit and keep their bags too. They do not have to take in the air and noise pollution from outside besides reaching the school fresh and on time. Use of school bus is optional, however, we encourage all to avail this facility to avoid traffic congestion and reduce the carbon footprint.


Sports Facilities

Lakshay International School not only aims at improving the academics, but also desires the overall development of its students. Hence, the school boasts of numerous sports activities like  Karate, Skating, Yoga, Gymnastics etc. which instill team spirit, co-operation, co-ordination, endurance and strength in the students. The talented students have participated in the state and national level and won numerous accolade.